Swaddle Bath

What Is A Swaddle Bath And How To Give One

No matter what you do to mentally prepare yourself before the arrival of your little one, nothing will ever prepare for the time you need to bathe your bundle of joy. It may not be a very difficult process, but it sure is an intimidating one if you are new to it all. This is probably because the mere thought of holding a newborn baby over a vessel of water can be scary. But bathtime is perhaps one of the most cherished things ever. It gives you and your baby a chance to develop a bond. If you are worried about things like bathing your newborn and wondering which oil is good for baby massage, you should try the new technique of bathing that has been accepted all over the world. We are talking about a swaddle bath.

What is Swaddle Bathing?

Swaddle bathing is a technique where you loosely swaddle the baby with the help of a blanket or a sheet before bathing the baby. Once you swaddle them, you immerse the baby in the water that does not go beyond their shoulders. The body parts are then gently unswaddled, rinsed, and then swaddled again one by one. All of this is done while holding the baby in a secure manner.

Why do Newborns need a Swaddle Bath ?

A lot of us often wonder why opt for a swaddle bath over a traditional bath. Well, one of the main reasons why a lot of experts suggest swaddle bathing is because the babies find them far more comfortable than a traditional bath. When you combine a swaddle and warm water, it replicates a womb-like environment to a certain extent. This ensures that the baby enjoys bath time.

Benefits of Swaddle Bath for a Baby?

Swaddling is an age-old technique that has been used by mothers all over the world. And it has a few benefits associated with it. Mentioned below are a few of those benefits.

  • It may lead to longer and sounder sleep for your baby
    For the first few months, all babies do is sleep for a majority of the time. Babies are known to sleep for as many as 16 hours a day. However, the sleep cycle is usually with a 3 to 4 hours interval. Swaddling is said to increase rapid eye movement (REM). This in return ensures that your baby sleeps better and is active after the completion of sleep.
  • It may help soothe a crying baby
    Babies can at times be unconsolable once they start crying, especially while having a bath. And no matter what you do to soothe them, nothing works. If you are ever in a situation like that, you should try swaddling them.
  • It may reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome to a certain extent

The risk of SIDS is more when newborn babies sleep on their stomachs. When you swaddle the baby, you can rest assured that it will reduce your baby’s movements and lower the chances of them sleeping on their stomach.

How to give a Swaddle Bath to your Baby?

  • The things you will need include a baby towel, swaddle blanket, baby soap, baby powder, and so on.
  • Wrap your baby gently in a swaddle cloth
  • Wipe your baby’s face with a clean washcloth
  • Unwrap one arm, wash it, wrap it again
  • Continue the process by unwrapping one body part at a time
  • Keep the arms and legs wrapped while washing the belly and private parts
  • Sit the baby up and rinse it one more time before taking it out of the bath and drying it off

Things to remember when giving Swaddle Bath

  • The baby should not be very tightly wrapped
  • The temperature of the water should neither be too cold nor too hot
  • Never leave your baby unattended while bathing it
  • Dry your baby as soon as you are done with the bath

Now that you know everything there is about swaddle bathing, don’t hesitate to use the technique with your little one. For some of the best baby products in India required to bathe your little one, browse through the collection at Baby On Board.

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