Sebamed Anti-Hairloss Shampoo 200ml

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  • Strengthens the protective Acid Mantle, thanks to its perfectly healthy skin pH level of 5.5
  • Free from irritants, our specially crafted formula is non-allergenic and non-comedogenic
  • Provides maximum protection for your scalp all year round.


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Hairloss can prove to be depressing, to say the least. Which is why we bring you Sebamed Anti Hairloss Shampoo, which has been clinically proven to prevent hair loss and breathe new life into your dry, dull lifeless hair. Its natural extracts boost hair nutrients, providing long-lasting relief against dryness, itching and brittle hair. Infused with natural conditioners such as piroctone olamine, and caffeine, the Sebamed Anti Hairloss Shampoo gently cleanses your hair, while nourishing it from root to tip. This 100% soap and alkali free formula contains the mildest cleansers, which come together with wheat germ complex, to boost moisture retention for softer, smoother hair.


All of this comes to you at the perfect pH level of 5.5. What is pH, you ask?

Healthy bodies rest at 98.6°F, perfect blood pressure is 120 / 80 mmHg, and perfectly healthy skin, even that on the scalp, lives and breathes at pH 5.5. Essentially, pH measures the acidity or, alkalinity of the skin, from 1 (most acidic) to 14 (most alkaline). While 7 is neutral on the scale, pH 5.5 is ideal to naturally protect your skin. At higher levels, the Acid Mantle – the protective barrier of your scalp is damaged – taking away its ability to defend against pollutants and hair fall. Only Sebamed Hair Products have the perfect pH of 5.5, boosting the scalp’s natural defences. While other popular hair products have a pH > 8. Therefore, the Sebamed range guarantees deep cleansing of your scalp without excess moisture loss.

  • Sebamed Anti Hairloss Shampoo strengthens the protective Acid Mantle, thanks to its perfectly healthy skin pH level of 5.5, unlike regular soaps with pH levels above 8
  • Free from irritants, such as parabens, phthalates and SLS, our specially crafted formula is non-allergenic and non-comedogenic
  • Crafted by International Dermatologists and dermatologically tested, the Sebamed Skincare range provides maximum protection for your scalp all year round.

About Sebamed

One of the most trusted names in skincare products, Sebamed has over 80 years of experience in nurturing all skin types, across the world. Sebamed was curated by Dermatologists and are the pioneers of the pH 5.5 concept with 10 product patents and more than 250 clinical studies proving the efficacy of its products.

Originating in Germany, today Sebamed is present in and endorsed by doctors in 85 countries. All Sebamed products are made in Germany and have to go through stringent quality checks. Sebamed also strongly believes in the philosophy of being cruelty free and environment friendly, using only botanical ingredients, and almost 100% biodegradable packaging while keeping away from all forms of animal testing.

How To Use: Wet your hair, work a small quantity of shampoo into a lather in the palms of your hands. Wash the hair massaging the scalp gently. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat application if necessary.



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