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The one thing that indicates that there is a child in the house is the number of toys present in there. However, toys aren’t merely a tool to keep your child engaged. They also act as a teaching aid for them. Perhaps this is why the type of toys you give your child depends on how old your child is. For example, beyond the age of 2, stacking toys for toddlers are perfect. It is one of those toys that effortlessly teaches a lot of new skills to your child. You can now buy stacking toys online by shopping through the extensive collection at Baby On Board.

Why are stacking toys great for babies?

  • They Help Develop Motor Skills

As the name suggests, the best stacking toys for 2 year old require them to pick a piece of game and stack them over one another. This insignificant looking task is vital since it teaches your kids how to control the movement of their thumb and forefingers.

  • Better Hand-Eye Coordination

One of the reasons why you should opt for stacking games while looking for toys for kids online is that it helps your child visualize the objects and improve their hand-eye coordination. Hand-eye coordination is the controlled movement of the eyes in combination with hands and fingers.

  • Creative Skills

One of the many advantages of stacking toys is that there is more than one way of playing with them. When your child tries to play with these toys differently, it encourages your child’s imagination and creative skills. This is a very important skill to have as your child grows up.

  • Social Skills

Children often tend to be more comfortable while playing with others. With toys like these, your child will learn how to share things and interact with others to play along.

  • Problem Solving Skills

The game may seem too simple for us, but for children, it can be very challenging. Children are good at using the trial and error method to make sure that the stacking toys fit perfectly. This indirectly helps them improve their problem solving skills.

  • Language Skills

These games help develop a child’s language skills. They also teach your child how to recognize shapes and colors properly. For example, when you say the word red and point at a red block, they associate those two words together and remember it better.

  • Cause and Effect

Stacking toys are one of the first things that teach your child the consequences of their action. While playing, your child is left to figure out the answer to ‘what if I do this?’.

At Baby On Board, we offer a wide variety of stacking toys that are suitable for all ages. Make sure you browse through the extensive collection whenever you decide to buy baby products online.