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Of all the baby skincare products, baby oil is probably one of those products we are all familiar with. This is perhaps because massaging a newborn baby has been a ritual that has been going on since forever. Be it, doctors or grandmothers, everyone will agree when we say that massaging a baby with some oil is said to be one of the best ways to ensure overall growth right from the early days. Baby oil soothes your child, hydrates your baby’s fragile skin, and also helps deal with problems such as rashes, eczema, and irritation. Pamper your child with Baby On Board’s baby massage oil range.

The Benefits of Using Baby Massage Oils on Infants

  • Regularly massaging your child can help improve his or her sleeping cycle. When you massage your baby, it learns how to relax, and thus the sleep time gets affected by it.
  • Infants often suffer from the development of gas and other stomach torments that can at times be caused due to consumption of baby food. A good massage helps with digestion and prevents such problems from arising.
  • Regularly massaging your baby can help with muscle strength, muscular relaxation, and stronger bones. It is also known to improve breathing.
  • Massaging your child will also help you create a bond of attachment through physical contact. And your child will feel loved.

When Is the Right Time to Use Baby Massage Oils on Infants?

You can start massaging your baby after a few weeks of birth. To help your baby’s growth, and given the benefits mentioned above, it is better to massage your child daily. Before we talk about which oil is good for baby massage, let us talk about when to massage your little one. And as far as the right time to use a baby massage oil is concerned, some prefer to use it before a bath, while some prefer massaging their baby before the baby’s sleep time. We would suggest that after the massage, leave it for some time and then give the baby a bath so that the oil will get absorbed in the skin and the baby will get maximum benefits of the massage oil.

The Choices of Baby Massage Oils Based on the Season

As far as the seasons are concerned, you should definitely massage your baby in the winter to protect its skin from the harsh weather. During summers, a better way would be to massage your child before a bath if the weather is hot and humid. Regardless of the season, make sure you use the right amount of oil to massage your baby.

Tips to keep in mind

  • Make sure you massage your baby right before nap time to help him or her relax well.
  • Massage your baby only if it is in the mood for it.
  • Be gentle while applying pressure
  • Ensure that your hands are clean
  • Learn the right technique of massaging before you go through with it

Massaging your baby is a great way to bond with them while helping them grow better. Get rid of the question, is olive oil good for baby skin, and instead, choose from a wide variety of products. At Baby On Board, we offer some of the best brands of baby oils for you to choose from. Some of the products you can choose from are Himalaya baby massage oil, Chicco baby moments massage oil, Sebamed soothing massage oil, and so on. Enjoy a seamless journey of being a parent with us, one of the best destinations for baby skin care products.