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Babies often have very delicate and tender skin. And it is your responsibility as a parent to make sure it stays that way. One of the biggest contributors to your baby’s skin health is the newborn baby skincare products you choose for them. While choosing these products you need to make sure that you only opt for the best baby products for skin that are age-appropriate and are made using natural ingredients. At Baby On Board, we offer the widest range of baby skincare products online for you to choose from. You can now choose from the best baby skin care products in India with the click of a button.

A Lot of Parents often Wonder why are Baby Skincare Products so Essential. Here is why

  • Baby skincare products form a barrier around the skin that hydrates and nourishes it. It also protects your skin from various environmental factors.
  • These products help balance your baby’s skin pH.
  • Your baby’s skin is more vulnerable to dryness. And if you use the wrong products, they end up stripping the moisture off their skin. Baby products hydrate the skin and keep it soft. One of the most important tips to take care of newborn baby is to use a baby lotion after every bath.

Here are the Essential Baby Skin Products that you can Buy for your Little One

  • Baby Massage Oil

Opting for a baby massage oil with all the right ingredients will prove very helpful for your baby. Gently massaging your baby before bath time will help with blood circulation, muscle strength, bone strength, and help soothe your baby during stomach ailments.

  • Baby Soap

Baby soap is an essential product to keep your baby clean and tidy. It contains no toxic chemicals and is gentle on your baby’s rather delicate skin. Most baby soaps are enriched with the goodness of milk and are very good for your baby’s skin.

  • Baby Lotion and Cream

Baby lotion and cream are specially formulated to provide your baby’s skin with a gentle layer of protection. It provides nourishment, hydrates your baby’s skin, soothes the skin from infections and redness, and keeps it soft and supple. It is always better to apply some lotion after bathing your baby.

  • Baby Powder

Baby powder absorbs the extra moisture from your baby’s skin. It reduces the possibility of diaper rashes. And it also prevents rashes in areas like thighs, armpits, and so on.

  • Baby Shampoo

Using a baby shampoo guarantees gentler cleansing, no irritation, and redness in the eyes, it ensures that your baby’s hair looks and feels softer. Also, it does not cause dryness of the scalp.

Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing Baby Products

  • Make sure you choose a trusted brand
  • Make sure you read the label properly
  • The product should contain no toxic chemicals
  • It must have natural ingredients
  • It should be hypoallergenic
  • It should be dermatologically tested and proven

Some of the Brands we Offer Include-

  • Himalaya
  • MamaEarth
  • Chicco
  • Mee Mee
  • Sebamed

Shop for all your baby’s needs from a wide range of products available at Baby On Board, one of the highest-rated baby product websites in India.