how to plan for a baby shower

How To Plan A Baby Shower: Checklist

We are of the opinion that every happy occasion deserves a celebration. And when it comes to the best and happiest occasions in our lives, becoming parents is on top of the list. What better way to celebrate your upcoming parenthood and the birth of your baby than a baby shower? But baby shower planning can cause a lot of confusion and distress since you want it to be perfect. If you have been thinking of planning one, there is a very good chance that you are already overwhelmed with the ideas you have come across. We are going to try and make your task easier with the help of our checklist.

But before we tell you how to plan for a baby shower, let us first talk about the right time to celebrate it. Well, ideally you can celebrate your baby shower at your convenience. But according to our culture, the right time to throw a party is roughly six weeks before the due date. We recommend that you wait until then because your baby bump and maternity glow translate well into the party spirit and pictures. Let us now talk about the checklist.

  • Think about the Basics

When we talk about the basics of how to celebrate a baby shower, we essentially want you to decide who is going to make all the arrangements. More than most times mothers-to-be aren’t too involved in the planning process for the party. Firstly because you are supposed to be the guest of honor. And secondly, because you are heavily pregnant and resting is recommended. You can ask your friend or a relative to do the planning for you.

  • Decide the Time and Location

Be very vocal about your likes and dislikes to the person planning the party. Decide the day and time for your party. And when it comes to choosing the location, you opt to celebrate in your own house, or at a venue of your liking.

  • Decide on a Baby Shower Theme

Making arrangements for the party becomes easier if you decide on a theme. You can either opt for something traditional or choose a modern setup for your party. Some of the most common baby shower themes these days are a color theme, fall theme, Paris theme, vintage theme, and so on. A theme will help add personality to the party.

  • Plan the Menu

What’s a party without some food and refreshments right? Plan ahead to find the right caterer for your event. You can make arrangements as per your liking and budget. You can opt for a fancy spread of food or you could choose a simple buffet spread. And as far as refreshments are concerned, a few mocktails should do the trick.

  • Send the Invitations

Choose how do you want your invitations to go out. Do you want to send an e-invite or do you prefer the old-school personal invitations? Regardless of what you like, make a list of people you would like to see at the party. Send out invitations a few weeks prior to the date so your guests get time to plan their schedule accordingly.

  • Set the Stage with Baby Shower Decorations

The décor needs to match the theme you have in mind for the celebration. Make sure you have enough time to organize it all. Refrain from going over the top and keep things simple instead since that is easy to manage.

  • Have Fun with Baby Shower Games

There are no hard and fast rules about the things to do at a baby shower. But to make the time memorable, play some fun games. You can look for some games to play on the internet.

Regardless of how you plan the baby shower, at the end of the day, it is all about the memories you make with your loved ones. And yes, make sure you have someone to capture the picture-perfect moments of the day.

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