how to wear a diaper for a baby

Can We Use Diaper For Newborn Baby

There is nothing more delightful than preparing for the arrival of your little one. However, apart from babyproofing your home and buying clothes for your baby, you also need to make sure all their basic needs are taken care of. For the first few months, babies don’t perform many physical activities and spend a majority of their time eating, sleeping, and passing urine and stool. You need to be vigilant about the last part and prepare for it. One of the easiest things to rely on when it comes to keeping your baby clean is baby diapers.

One of the most common questions we get asked is are diapers for newborn baby a good option? Well, the opinion on this matter is pretty divided. Some think newborns are more comfortable in cloth nappies, while some believe diapers are just right for newborns. Whether or not your newborn should wear a diaper is entirely up to you. But long story short, you can use a diaper for your newborn baby.

But before you start to look for tutorials that describe how to wear a diaper for a baby, let us first talk about the type of diapers you can choose from.

  • Disposable diapers
  • Cloth diapers- which can further be divided into various types like pocket diapers, hybrid diapers, and so on.
  • Pull-up diapers
  • Disposable underwear

A lot of new mothers opt for disposable diapers since they are extremely convenient to use. But there are also a few side effects of these diapers that you need to be aware of before making the choice.

  • May cause allergic reactions

Some diaper manufacturers use synthetic dyes and fibers to make baby diapers. And while a majority of times it is okay to use them, it may cause allergies and reactions to some babies since their skin is extra sensitive to things like this.

  • May cause rashes

Excessive exposure to moisture can lead to rashes on the skin. If you don’t change your baby’s diaper regularly, it may cause skin rashes.

  • Toilet training can be difficult

Babies tend to get used to passing urine and stool in the diaper. And while it is convenient for you, toilet training them in the future could become very difficult.

  • They are comparatively expensive

When you learn how to wear a baby diaper, you might as well also know that you may need to change your newborn’s diaper as many as 8 to 10 times a day. And buying that many diapers can at times prove expensive.

  • They are not environment friendly

The materials that go into making baby diapers are difficult to decompose, and thus are not environment friendly.

Precautions to Take Before Using Diapers for Babies

  • Be attentive to how your baby’s skin reacts to the diaper. If you think otherwise, switch to alternatives instead
  • To protect your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin from diaper rashes and infections, make it a point to use diaper rash cream, baby powder, and wipes while changing.
  • Your baby should always be dry and comfortable. Ideally, you should change the diaper every time your baby dirties it. But if that isn’t possible, change it every 2 to 3 hours.
  • Although a baby diaper is said to last 12 hours, don’t rely on just one diaper for the well-being of your baby’s skin. Make it a point to carry extra diapers when you are out with your baby.
  • Dispose of the diapers properly.

We hope we have answered all your doubts in this article. And as far as your question about how long do babies wear newborn diapers goes, well, that depends on your baby’s weight and how fast they grow.

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