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Toys To Enhance Your Baby’s Learning & Development

As parents, one of the biggest worries you have is how do you teach new things to your children. But if you notice, within the first year of their lives, children learn a lot of things on their own. Be it communicating with you through voices and actions or learning how to walk. This goes to show how willing they are to try new things. And toys certainly help the process.

Most of us think of toys as a means of entertainment for children. And while that is partly true, toys are more than just that. The toys you choose for your children can be excellent learning tools. They use the toys you give them to explore the world around them, educate themselves, and learn how to communicate.

How can Toys help Children Learn and Develop?

The toys you choose for your children can have a major impact on their lives. Mentioned below are a few ways toys help.

  • They instill creativity

Children are born with an incredible sense of curiosity. When you give them toys like building blocks, they use them to create their own narratives, in order to make sense of the world around them. This helps encourage creativity in them.

  • Encourage problem solving

The toys you choose challenge your child’s mind. They learn to solve the problems they face when they get stuck while playing with their toys. This helps them deal with problems in the future in a more efficient manner.

  • Better social skills

As parents, you want to children to be able to communicate with others easily. And toys help them do just that. These toys teach your children to communicate with you, and then with the children around them.

  • Physical dexterity

Toys are an excellent tool to develop your child’s motor skills. These toys help improve your child’s grip, coordination, balance, and physical strength.

What kind of toys are best for Baby Development?

You know the impact toys can have on your children’s development. Now it is time for you to know what to choose for them.

  • Musical toys

The first criteria of choosing a toy for babies is that it needs to keep them occupied. And that can at times feel difficult. Babies are attracted to music. It helps develop cognitive skills in young children. These toys also help enhance their memory and help them calm down. This is why musical toys are perhaps always a good idea.

  • Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are good for children of all ages. However, the difficulty of the puzzle depends on your child’s age. Jigsaw puzzles improve concentration, patience, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.

  • Dough sticks

Clay modeling is a fun way to keep your child engaged. However, apart from that, dough sticks also help with your child’s motor skills, problem-solving skills, imagination, and are an excellent form of expression.

  • Building blocks

Blocks are a favorite among children because they are fun as well as challenging. They help increase your child’s concentration, spatial awareness, shape recognition, motor skills, and creative thinking.

Smart toys for kids above the age of three

If you are wondering what toys make babies smarter? Here is a list of a few of those you can find at Baby On Board.

  • Mathematics set for children
  • Board games
  • The young scientist
  • Hopscotch
  • Puzzle games


One of the most important steps to know how to take care of a baby is to make sure that the toy you have chosen is safe and appropriate for your child, use the age recommendation as a guide. Remember to focus on quality as opposed to quantity. A fewer number of toys will help your children build an emotional attachment towards them. And don’t be upset if your children don’t immediately fall in love with the toys you get them. Give them some time and it will all work out just fine.

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