Best Baby Shampoo for Newborn

Best Baby Shampoo for your Newborn Babies

Keeping your baby clean and bathing them on time is perhaps one of the most intimidating things for new moms. When your little one arrives their skin is incredibly delicate and tender. So apart from setting a proper schedule for bathing them, you also need to make sure that the products you use on their skin don’t damage it. Along with the skin, your baby’s hair is delicate too. This is why you should use a baby shampoo that is specifically designed for them. The best baby shampoo for newborns is made using ingredients that are safe for children and don’t damage their scalp and skin.

Benefits of using Baby Shampoo

  • It cleanses your baby’s scalp gently
    The best shampoos for babiesare made using the gentlest of ingredients. it hydrates your baby’s scalp and gets rid of excess dryness.
  • The no tears formula
    Shampoos are known to irritate the eyes. However, baby shampoos have no tears formula and are gentle on your baby’s eyes.
  • Mild fragrance
    The best baby shampoo for hair with a mild fragrance will leave your child’s hair and scalp smelling better.
  • Reduces irritation and dryness
    When you shop for the best baby products online, you can rest assured that there will be no redness and rashes on your baby’s skin after using them.

Things to Consider while Shopping for Baby Shampoo

With a plethora of products available in the market, it is important to make the right choice. There are a few things you should keep in mind while choosing a baby shampoo.

  • Your baby’s skin type
    The first thing you need to consider while choosing a shampoo is your baby’s skin type. For example, if your baby’s scalp is dry, find the best shampoo for baby dry hair. It will consist of ingredients that contain hydrating properties.
  • The ingredients
    As parents, it is your responsibility to make sure you know about all the ingredients that go into making a baby product. Read the label behind the product carefully to know about the ingredients. Also, if possible, opt for a shampoo that is made using natural ingredients.
  • The brand
    Make it a point to rely on one brand when it comes to your child’s skincare products. The products of the same brand are designed to work in unison for better results. And if you are shopping for the first time, opt for a brand that is reliable.
  • The product must be tested
    It is important to ensure that the shampoo you choose for your little one has been dermatologically tested and clinically approved. This will prove helpful if your child suffers from any allergies.

Some Brands you can Choose from

  • Chicco No-Tears Shampoo
    Chicco baby moment no-tears shampoo is loaded with the goodness of pot marigold. If your think your baby’s scalp is dry, this shampoo is perfect. Also, it does not irritate your child’s eyes.
  • Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo
    The Himalaya gentle baby shampoo is made using olive oil, almond oil, and hibiscus extracts. These ingredients prove useful when it comes to hydrating your child’s scalp and cleansing it gently.
  • Mee Mee Mild Baby Shampoo
    Mee Mee Mild Baby Shampoo is one of the best shampoos you can choose from since it is carefully formulated to enrich your baby’s skin, and it also contains natural extracts that contain nourishing properties.
  • Pigeon Baby Nourishing Shampoo
    Pigeon Baby Nourishing Shampoo is a tear-free shampoo that is packed with the goodness of Olive Oil, Rosehip Oil & Chamomile Extract. It leaves your baby’s hair soft and silky.
  • Sebamed Children’s Shampoo
    Sebamed Children’s Shampoo is clinically proven to hydrate your baby’s scalp and encourage proper hair growth. And since it is made using botanical ingredients, the chances of allergic reactions are as good as none.

We hope you now have a basic idea of the need to choose a good baby shampoo, how to choose one, and what to choose from.

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