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Best Baby Cradles In India For 2022

When you welcome a newborn into this world, your first duty as a parent is to make sure your baby is comfortable at all times. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that little ones sleep for a major part of the day. This makes it important to ensure that their sleeping station is cozy and comfortable. And when we talk about making sleeping arrangements for babies, the first thing that comes to mind is a baby cradle.

A lot of parents wonder, why choose a cradle over all the other options for their baby to sleep in. Well, it is quite simple if you ask us. Your baby becomes accustomed to being rocked around in their mother’s belly for nine months. A cradle helps recreate the rocking motion and helps your little one fall asleep better. The first step to knowing how to take care of a baby is making sure you are well-rested. A well-slept baby will help you as a parent to rest adequately so you can care for them better.  

The next step is knowing how to choose the best cradle for the baby. Mentioned below are a few things you need to consider.

  • A lot of people often tend to continue using heirloom cradles that have been passed down in the family. We understand the sentiment, but we would strongly recommend buying a new one. The latest models are tested better in terms of comfort and safety.
  • Keep your baby’s age and weight in mind while choosing the cradle. Ideally, you shouldn’t use a cradle beyond the age of 10 months.
  • The style is another factor you need to consider. You can opt for a vintage design or choose something rather modern.
  • We would recommend opting for a metal frame since it offers a better swing to the cradle. Also, the metal body allows the cradle to withstand your baby’s weight.
  • Opt for a portable cradle since it will be easier to move it from one room to another.
  • The cost of the cradle may depend on the brand and features you choose. Set up a budget before choosing a product for your little one.  

Safety Considerations With Baby Cradle

  • Never opt for baby cradles with small parts since they can prove to be a choking hazard for your little one.
  • It is understandable to want to opt for a cradle with wheels since it permits portability. However, this feature can prove dangerous too. Hence, it is important to opt for cradles with lockable wheels or no wheels at all.
  • The mattress you choose for your baby should be very firm and shouldn’t sag under the bodyweight of your baby. Also, make sure that the mattress is the perfect fit for your baby’s cradle. Avoid placing extra bedding in the cradle.
  • Some parents opt for sleep positioners since it is important for babies to sleep on their backs to avoid SIDS. However, we recommend avoiding these positioners since they can prove to be suffocation hazards. The best way to tackle this problem is to check on your little one from time to time.
  • Make sure that the cradle you choose has all the right certifications with respect to the latest safety standards.

Some of the Best Baby Cradles in India

  • Mothertouch High Compact Cradle
    This model is hands down one of the best baby cradle swings in India, mainly because of its functionality. This cradle can be used as both cradle and a cot. The height of this cradle can be adjusted. Also, it comes with a swing lock to stop the rocking motion when need be.
  • Mothertouch wonder cradle
    The wonder cradle by Mothertouch is another amazing product to ensure your baby sleeps comfortably. It is lightweight and comes with a cradle cover and mosquito net. You can use it until your baby is about 10 to 12 months old. It is also available in seven color options. This model can be used as a cradle and a cot as well. You can find this model on Baby On Board.
  • Mothertouch Indo Cradle
    If you are looking for a more traditional design for your baby’s cradle, you should certainly opt for this model. It can be easily assembled and is easy to carry from one place to another.
  • Mothertouch rocking cradle
    If you are looking for a combination of a cradle and a bassinet, the rocking cradle by Mothertouch will prove to be the best choice for you. This model will ensure that your baby can sleep comfortably in a confined environment amidst soothing rocking motion.

We hope this article has given you a better insight into the world of baby cradles.

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