Tapped Baby Diapers vs Baby Diaper Pants

Taped Baby Diapers Vs Baby Diaper Pants

Being a parent is arguably one of the most surreal feelings one can experience in life. However, there are a few things you should decide well in advance before the baby is born. The one aspect of parenting that you all need to take seriously is your baby’s hygiene. And when we talk about hygiene, the discussion can never feel complete without the mention of baby diapers.

Choosing the right baby diapers is extremely essential for your child’s well-being. But new parents can at times find it difficult to choose the right one, mainly because of the multiple options there are to choose from. There are two main styles of baby diapers. Namely pant style diapers and taped diapers. And every parent would like to know which diaper is best for baby. In this article, we are going to discuss the difference between diapers and pants.

Taped diapers vs diaper pants

What are taped diapers?

As the name suggests, taped baby diapers consist of a tape or a Velcro that needs to be attached in order for the diaper to fit perfectly. One of the biggest advantages of using this diaper is that it is adjustable and can be worn by a baby without hurting his or her naval.

What are diaper pants?

Pant style diapers have become increasingly popular in recent times. As the name suggests, these diapers have the shape of a pant and can be worn and removed exactly like underwear. For example, Huggies wonder pants and Mamypoko pant style diapers. These diapers are perfect for babies who are restless and don’t stay very still. Also, they are a tad bit more expensive than the taped baby diapers.

What Are Some Of The Advantages Of Diaper Pants?

A lot of parents often wonder why they should upgrade to a pant style diaper. If you happen to be in a similar dilemma, mentioned below are a few advantages of diaper pants.

  • Pant style diapers are just as absorbent as taped diapers and these pants can provide hours of dryness.
  • Once your baby starts rolling over and crawling, it becomes hard to pin them down in a position to put their diaper on. In such a scenario, you may want to opt for an option that is easy to wear. Pant style diapers are that option.
  • As babies get older, the amount of physical activity they indulge in increases too. Taped diapers can at times flip open while your baby is playing. All of this can be really uncomfortable. Pant style diaper on the other has a proper waistband that offers the perfect fit and does not slip as easily.
  • There is no way of telling when your baby may require a diaper change. It could well be in the middle of travel. For scenarios like this, you may want to opt for an option that barely takes a lot of your time and won’t require a proper diaper changing setup. Diaper pants are perfect for travel.
  • Potty training is one of the most important of all your parenting responsibilities. If you want your baby to start learning how to use the toilet on their own, it is necessary to eliminate your need for the task. A taped diaper will not permit it. On the other hand, your baby can take off and put on a pant-style diaper on their own.

Are Diaper Pants As Good As Tape Style Diapers?

Choosing the right type of diaper for your baby is supposed to be a personal choice based on your comfort and that of the baby. There is no clear indication that suggests that one type of diaper is better than the other. However, our advice would be to factor in your child’s age before making the choice. You can use taped baby diapers for children between the age of 0 to 6 months. Once your baby starts crawling, it is then time to move on to pant-style diapers. For all your baby’s diaper needs, shop from the extensive collection at Baby On Board.

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